Korina Natural Skincare Products. Coffee + Sugar, Cleanse Makeup Remover, Oily or Acne Prone Serum and Normal to Dry Serum

Made with Love in California

Natural ingredients you can pronounce.

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Our Natural Deodorant is made with 100% natural ingredients and it really works, pure and simple. Stay odor-free with our aluminum-free, non-toxic, non-animal tested stick. Comes in recyclable containers.

Skin Care

Seriously awesome skin care starts and ends with natural ingredients. Who says caring for your skin has to involve bizarre chemicals? We think nature did a fine job giving us everything we need to stay beautiful. Simple is beautiful.

Body Care

Treat your skin right from head to toe with luxurious body oils that hydrate with antioxidant packed botanicals.

Lip Care

Our lip balm and polish are made with the finest natural ingredients including essential oils, to invigorate your senses and keep your lips soft and hydrated.

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“This is it! The natural deodorant that really works! It works. All day long!”

Madison Levin
Korina UAM

Maria, our company founder, created the brand because of an issue that was a bit embarrassing; she couldn’t find a deodorant that worked. After unsuccessful tries with all of the brands on the drug store shelves — including mens deodorant and clinical strength antiperspirants — she simultaneously began researching the negative and toxic effects of traditional deodorants and aluminum-based antiperspirants. Now she was facing two big problems: Finding deodorant that actually worked and finding one that was safe to use …

Only the best nature has to offer.