Our Story

As we share our story of creating Korina Naturals, we’re continually excited by the fact that many of our friends, acquaintances, and even strangers on the street share our desire for non-toxic products that are safe and effective. It’s been nothing but fulfilling to create a line that helps people with their skincare, body care and personal care needs without using any harmful ingredients.

Our Origin: Korina Naturals started because of a quest to stay fresh naturally.

Maria, our company founder, created the brand because of an issue that was a bit embarrassing; she couldn’t find a deodorant that worked. After unsuccessful tries with all of the brands on the drug store shelves — including mens deodorant and clinical strength antiperspirants — she simultaneously began researching the negative and toxic effects of traditional deodorants and aluminum-based antiperspirants. Now she was facing two big problems:

  1. Finding deodorant that actually worked 
  2. Finding one that was safe to use. 
Korina UAM

Korina’s founder, Maria. Korina is her middle name 🙂

She was searching for a miracle. Then one day she came across a recipe online to make deodorant using only natural ingredients. After a few ingredient alterations and a bit of trial and error, she formulated the ideal recipe. Guess what? It worked! Her skeptical husband, stuck on his Old Spice, eventually tried it for himself and unsurprising to her, he hasn’t gone back since.

Kicker: Before using Korina Natural Deodorant, Korina’s husband had been suffering from hyperhidrosis and was on the brink of getting Botox to help the situation. He’d visited a doctor and received prescription strength antiperspirant that was not only painful to use, it was clogging his pores with an alarming amount of aluminum-based ingredients. Not only did Korina deodorant work for odor, it caused his excessive sweating to stop altogether! 

This homemade deodorant was not only Korina’s saving grace from the stink, it rescued her husband too. We’re not saying our all-natural deodorant is a cure for conditions like hyperhidrosis for all, we’re no doctors. But we do know that clogging your pores with aluminum doesn’t seem like a healthy, safe way to live. 

Korina founder and husband

Maria & her first customer / husband


Korina started because of an issue our founder had for which she found a natural solution. Our brand has evolved into handcrafted natural care products that are safe and effective and that don’t have tongue-twisting, unpronounceable ingredients.

Korina Naturals is about creating a safe, clean, and effective line of products that you and the family can use every day. We’re passionate about helping you find natural solutions for what you use on your body and are happy you are here!

Stay Fresh,

The Korina Team